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Marine Consultancy

BLW Marine offer a large diverse range of marine consultancy with a wide portfolio of successful projects completed to date.

What we do

We have completed a large range of marine consultancy from project management to pre feasibility studies, project preparation, fleet valuations, tender packages, among others;

  • Transshipment models
  • Flag State advice
  • Fleet management structures (Corporate and Engineering)
  • Asset Management Plans
  • On Site superintendence
  • Major marine project proposals
  • Design modification review & certification
  • Project Management – Slipping, modifications, deliveries

What is our expertise

  • Transshipment models
    • load rates
    • asset procurement
    • port preparation plans
    • regulator plans
  • Major marine tenders
    • asset procurement
    • tender build ups
    • methodologies, plans and submissions
  • Navigation risk assessments
    • hydro dynamic analysis
    • port traffic modelling
    • pilotage risk assessments
    • port risk assessments
  • Fleet valuations
    • finance, Owners, sale, insurers
  • Asset management
    • life cycle budgets
    • fleet certification
    • lay up & re activations
  • Transportation and loading/discharging surveys
  • NDT, oil analysis, corrosion, coating inspections and other misc. engineering diagnosis
  • Specialist advice
  • Safet Management Systems
    • preparation and audits
  • On Hire and Off Hire
  • Crewing and Management

Owner Superintendence

We manage a range of services for Owners, from technical requirements to physical attendance. We offer a turn key solution to assist Owners in any capacity required. Our management team currently has a large asset portfolio. Get in touch to discuss a tailored package to suit your asset and requirements.

Our Accreditations

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