BLW Marine personnel hold individual accreditation to provide surveys under Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) Domestic Commercial Vessel legislation, in addition to Certified Commercial Marine Surveyors (CCMS) through the Australasian Institute of Marine Surveyors (AIMS).

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Yacht & Pleasure Craft Surveys

BLW Marine offers a range of yacht and pleasure craft surveys of all sizes and types of survey, large and small.


AMSA DCV Surveys

We carry our DCV surveys up to 35m for both commercial and fishing vessels.


Safety Management Systems

All commercial vessels under domestic law are required to hold and maintain up to date, and appropriate to their operation a Safety Management System on board.


Marine Warranty Surveys

Our accredited AIMS Surveyors, hold experience in marine warranty surveys and inspections.


Marine Insurance Surveys

We cater for a range of marine insurance related surveys for both the Underwriters and the Owners.

Boat Surveyor in Brisbane

BLW Marine is a multi-discipline marine services business, majoring in Engineering, Design and Survey. We offer a range of services over different marine sectors in Brisbane & Gold Coast. From operational requirements, vessel owners services, to property developers and government bodies. Our team of marine engineers and surveyors has the expertise to cater for most marine requirements whether it be survey, design, engineering drafting, plans and advice. Contact us or call 0459 764 982 to get a quote.

Our drafting division undertakes a range of design, drafting, 3d models for vessel operational plans, modifications, development applications, construction plans and we draft anything from small vessels to plans for property developers. 

Our Marine Surveying division caters for all types of surveys from AMSA domestic commercial vessel surveys, yacht surveys, marine warranty surveys to insurance surveys and risk assessments. Our surveyors are AMSA accredited, in addition to certified commercial marine surveys (CCMS) through the Australian Institute of Marine Surveyors (AIMS), third party certification ensures our surveyors are kept up to date and managed via third party industry recognised compliance. We regularly undertake a range of commercial yacht surveys for various range of flag states on any size yacht.

Our Marine Warranty Survey division links between drafting and surveying, our drafting team will prepare the tow arrangements in consultation with our warranty surveyor to ensure the towing arrangements are fit for the voyage, our surveyors are all experienced in towage prior to coming ashore and becoming surveyors they range from Tug Masters on our coastal passages to Master unlimited and Class 1 Engineers on our offshore towage and rig towage. 

Our Marine Insurance division attends vessels for pre insurance and vessel risk assessments to incident attendance and investigation, we can attend on a range of subject matter skill sets, we can also develop in house salvage plans and arrangements to mitigate initial emergency response losses. We carry out a range of post incident reviews.

Our Surveys start from $250 for insurance inspections depending upon size and complexity of the survey and asset. We recommend giving us a call and we can quote over the phone.

  • Pre Purchase Condition Survey

    Our pre purchase inspections give a without prejudice opinion the vessel prior to the sale concluding, this allows the Purchaser to understand the asset and the condition, we also can develop handover plans and training to ensure your asset is maintained into the future and during your ownership

  • Insurance Condition Surveys

    We undertake insurance surveys on behalf of Owners to provide to their underwriters for gaining insurance, updating the condition of vessels. Our surveyors are certified by the Australian Institute of Marine Surveyors, therefore providing both Insurers and Owners with peace of mind of third party accredited surveyors

  • AMSA Domestic Commercial Vessel Surveys

    All vessels operating commercially in Australia require survey under the Marine Safety Domestic Commercial Vessel Act, our surveyors are accredited to undertake these surveys under the AMSA legislation.

  • Towage surveys

    We carry our towage assessments for commercial operators for pre towage requirements to ensure the safety of the voyage is considered, we develop stability documentation, towage manuals, towing arrangements and carry out critical review and follow up with on site surveys

  • Commercial yacht surveys

    Our surveyors have a range of experience carrying out large commercial yacht surveys on behalf of a range of flag states for both hull, machinery, modification, annual safety, pre commissioning and modifications. We represent Owners, Agents, Builders, Flag States and Insurers in a range of capacities depending upon scope.

Depending upon the type of survey requested, we carry out a review of the vessel in accordance with the standards which applies to the asset and in respect to the age/size and type of the vessel. A survey normally starts out of the water for hull inspection, survey of the propulsion and steering systems, general condition of the hull, any through hull fittings.

Following this once the asset is afloat the vessel will be inspected top to bottom as far as can be Seen without destructive testing, all systems are run to operating condition for assessments. If Any faults are found further testing can be taken or advice given for rectification.

After the initial assessment a sea trial takes place to see how the vessel is performing operationally.

All surveys are different depending upon size and type of the survey. However we enclose the below as a guide.

  • Pre Purchase Inspection (Yachts & Private vessels)
    • Small vessel 10-30ft 1-2 hours plus reporting
    • 30 - 40ft 3-5 hours plus reporting
    • 40ft + 5 - 7 hours plus reporting
    • 100ft + 12hrs plus reporting (Depending upon size and complexity.
  • Insurance Inspections
    • Small vessel 10-30ft 1-2 hour plus reporting
    • 30-40ft 1-3 hours plus reporting
    • 40ft + 3-5 hours plus reporting
    • 100ft + 5-7 hours plus reporting

We recommend vessels be surveyed prior to Ownership via a pre purchase inspection, following this we recommend Owners carry out an inspection or request information if they make any major changes to the vessel or have any major incident to ensure the boat is in good order.

All vessels are required to be surveyed prior to gaining insurance, from time to time Insurers will request Owners to carry out condition surveys during the life of the vessel.